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  • Self Defense in Salem - Krav Maga Salem - 52 Weeks

    52 Weeks

    There are 52 weeks, 365 days, and 8760 hours in a year. You will spend approximately 2920 of those hours sleeping and 2080 hours working, which leaves roughly 3760 hours in your year to do everything else. That breaks down to 72.3 hours a week to do laundry, make dinner, walk the dog or spend quality time with the people you care about. My question to you is: how much of that time are you giving yourself? And I don't mean binge watching your favorite Netflix show with a glass of wine after the kids are in bed. I mean, how are you growing? Are you finding ways to challenge yourself? If not, just like food that has hit it's "Best By" date, you're stale! What would happen if ....

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  • Self Defense in Salem - Krav Maga Salem - Ladies Camp

    Ladies Camp

    For 4 years now, I have been the Self Defense and Pistol Instructor for a women's camp called Ladies Hunting Camp . This camp is geared towards women who want to get more involved in the outdoors. Firearm classes include not only hunting-specific classes, but classes that focus on Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun. They also offer classes on dutch oven cooking, archery, what to put in your pack, and so much more. This year I was in La Pine for 2 weekends in a row. I taught approximately 200 women the basics of self-defense and I worked with shooters ranging from brand-new to those with years of experience. This year we had the privilege of being sponsored by Glock and Remington Ammunition on the ....

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  • Self Defense in Salem - Krav Maga Salem - Krav Maga and Weight Loss

    Krav Maga and Weight Loss

    Did you know that 90% of the people who start with us have never trained in any kind of Martial Art or sport before?! That's right, 90%! Because of that fact, we like to think of ourselves as "experts with Beginners". Heck, it is one of the reasons we have been in business for so long! Many people have the misconception that you have to be in excellent physical shape or have previous experience before trying one of our classes and it is simply not true. Our members range from High School Students to Senior Citizens and everything in between. We frequently say that "Fitness is not our goal, but it is a by product of our training". We ask that those who train with us give us 100% of what ....

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  • Krav Maga and Self Defense in Salem!

    Check out our new website for Krav Maga Salem!
    We proudly serve the Salem, Keizer, and Wilsonville areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Krav Maga, Self Defense, Law Enforcement Training and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Instagram ....

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