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Introducing the groundbreaking Active Shooter Seminar, a revolutionary event unlike any other in the Pacific Northwest. Join us for a truly immersive and transformative 6-hour class that will equip you with invaluable knowledge and skills to navigate critical situations with confidence. Led by a team of highly experienced professional instructors, including law enforcement and emergency medicine experts, this seminar offers a comprehensive training experience that could make all the difference in a life-or-death scenario.

Throughout the seminar, you will delve into the crucial Run, Hide, and Fight tactics, providing you with a well-rounded understanding of the most effective strategies to ensure your personal safety and the safety of others. Our instructors will guide you through practical exercises, simulations, and hands-on training, empowering you with the necessary tools to handle high-pressure situations with skill and composure.

Designed specifically for professionals seeking to enhance workplace security, fortify places of worship, or safeguard government agencies, this seminar delivers solid, realistic training that bridges the gap between theory and practice. Our expert instructors will share real-life insights, industry best practices, and invaluable tips to help you develop a proactive mindset, enhance situational awareness, and make split-second decisions when they matter most.

Prepare to elevate your preparedness to new heights with this one-of-a-kind Active Shooter Seminar. Don't miss this opportunity to acquire life-saving skills and empower yourself and your organization with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively in crisis situations. Join us on this transformative journey toward greater security and resilience.

Event Date/Time: 9/23/2023 9:00 AM

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  • Voucher Cannot Be Redeemed After Event ( 9/23/2023 9:00 AM )