Krav Maga Salem

2.5 Day Citizen Defender Bootcamp

2.5 Day Citizen Defender Bootcamp in Salem

with Todd Fossey of Integrative Defense Strategies

Citizen Defender Bootcamp | August 6-8 2021 | Armed Close Protection & Family Security Operations

Training Days are:  Fri & Sat 8am to 6 pm, Sun 8 - Noon

Location: Krav Maga Salem 2050 Vista Ave Suite #120 Salem Or 97302

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Let’s face it, we are living in uncertain times, and possessing real skills in securing yourself and your family inside and outside the home has now become a reality.

Designed with the Citizen Defender in mind, this comprehensive course will introduce you to the critical skills necessary to dodge, detect, deter and defend various threats in a changing world.

This course is for all levels and physical abilities.



LECTURE TOPICS: Family Security Operations, Profiling, Threat Recognition, Pre-Incident and Pre-Attack Indicators, Equipment, Communications, Security Plan Development, Protective Driving Principles, Route Planning, Venue & Site Security, Advance Operations, Gray Man Strategies, Residential Security, Legalities & Use of Force,

PHYSICAL TRAINING: Armed Vehicle Defense, Armed Close Protection Tactics and Maneuvers, Unarmed Close Protection Principles and Techniques, Integrated Close Protection Principles and Techniques, Threat Recognition Scenario Training, Scenario Training

Firearms Training will take place with SIRT (inert laser training Pistols)


A good attitude and willingness to learn. Necessary Meals, Snacks, Drinks and Hydration, Comfortable Clothes (that have belt loops and belt for holster carry), If you have a holster that will fit a Glock 17 or magazine holster that will fit Glock 9mm magazine bring it with you, groin protection and mouthguard, long pants, long sleeves double layered, thin gloves capable of manipulating a weapon for Force on Force Scenario Training (Day 2)


Tuition: $399




Event Date/Time: 8/6/2021 8:00 AM

  • 1 Student Registration
  • Limit One Voucher Per Student
  • Voucher Cannot Be Redeemed After Event ( 8/6/2021 8:00 AM )